• Heat energy; use it not only for 1 x but for 10 x!

    You have the big chance to save not only 30- 40 % energy but 90 % primary energy due to house reconstruction – use it! For this reason this 3 measures should be ensemble executed:

    -  Heat insulation (outside)
    -  Hermetically sealed windows and doors (with low thermal conductibility)
    Controlled flat airing with high efficient heat regain (hr) in each room.

    Remember: The energy costs will rise, as well the reconstruction costs, you can avoid the situation that you can not pay the reconstruction costs because of the high energy costs.   more...

  • Transform wet houses in dry houses!

    More than 95 % of damages at buildings and mould in houses due to wet conditions and clamminess are caused by untimely bad and uncontrolled airing and not by incoming wetness from the outside.
    Use controlled flat airing with high efficient waste heat recovery and your house is getting dry/stays dry. Give mould no chance!   more...
  • Better living comfort by a permanent air convulsion 24 hours daily!

    Air is our most important food, without air we are only able to survive for some minutes, without drinking we can live some days and without eating we have the chance to survive for some months. Therefore it's important to realize the value of air! Used air includes a lot of humidity, carbonic acid and fug, for this it is important to replace it. Use the controlled ventilation with heat regain; you can adjust it that you have always enough fresh air, in the winter not too dry and in the summer not too humid/sticky.   more...
  • To lock out traffic noise and aircraft noise!

    In our densely populated living environment it is difficult to exclude all kind of sound noises. But you can do a lot against the noise nuisance with the choice of the correct material and with the help of the correct construction technique. Given that you have to air often, all noise protection measures are without success, if you open the windows. The new government want to cancel partially or totally the night flight interdiction; this will be a real horror for a lot of residents at airports.   more...
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